The following is a list of the organizations which have taken the giant leap of becoming a CLC Sponsor.

Like any other investment opportunity, the early adopters always stand to reap the most benefit as they are able to beat the crowd to the rewards, and invariably become incredibly happy they did so when they actually bought in to the offer. Yes, you too can become a member of this elite group by sponsoring our magnificient organization as we continue to focus on preparing our little ones for the exciting and challenging world that lies ahead of them.

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  1. Fast Security Service Technologies Consulting (FSSTC) specializes in customizing systems to your specific needs. By reviewing your protection concerns, our trained professionals can determine what systems will work best for your business or family.

    More Advanced. More Secure
    Fast Security Service Technologies Consulting offers a revolutionary wireless smart home technology service that enables you to always know what's happening at your home or business. With alert notifications and state of the art security services like dedicated wireless connection, crash and smash protection and two-way emergency voice, you'll have confidence knowing that the people and things you love will stay safe.
FSSTCLLC Promo Video - January 2018